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Company Phone: 4804474487

Available 7 days a week within posted business hours and typically respond within an hour for most messages or calls.

Quick Warranty and Return Information

  • With every new PC we include a 1 Year parts and labor warranty for faulty manufacturer defects in parts included in our builds or an error in building process that we might not catch during production and testing process. (Even after thorough benchmarking/stress testing some issues might take time and use to show)
  • We also include an original owner, lifetime phone and email support for any technical or set up questions you might have.
  • If there is major issue confirmed through us within the first two weeks of receiving your new PC we will offer a free return with included shipping label for 100% refund on shipped orders if we receive the computer in its original condition, sent back in original or comparable packing material, and all included accessories, manuals, and cables. (Shipped Orders Only)
  • We offer a standard free 1 week return window for all orders and an additional 3 weeks after totaling up to a month attached with a 10% restocking fee if we receive the computer in its original condition, sent back in original or comparable packing material, and all included accessories, manuals, and cables. The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs for the return.
  • Your 1 Year parts and labor warranty is immediately terminated if there is evidence of replacing, adding, uninstalling or tampering of components within your purchased PC unless directed by an associate of Flying Phoenix PCs. We can recertify to activate your warranty for the remaining time of the warranty with a $60 fee and the labor/part cost to resolve any issues caused as a result.
  • We do not cover any user inflicted Physical Damage or Hardware Bans

Warranty Information

  • We will do our best to resolve all issues over call, text or email beforehand but all warranty work will be required to have your PC dropped off and picked up at our location to service your computer (Local Orders Only)
  • Reach out to our provided contact information for any warranty help and we will provide assistance to diagnose your PC. If faulty hardware is found to be the issue that can be uninstalled with our help and sent separately, we will pay for shipping for you to send the specific affected part back to our office. Once we receive the warrantied component/PC we will ship out the new part and give assistance in installing the new component. If needed, we will pay to ship the full PC back to our office and will repair then ship back to you free of cost. (Shipped Orders Only)
  • We will give the option to cross ship any warrantied components by offering for customers to pay a deposit for the full valued cost of the returned part and will immediately ship out the replacement part. Once we receive the faulty component the deposit will be refunded in full. (Shipped Orders Only) 
  • We are not responsible for any damage for items sent back to our office during shipping (Shipped Orders Only)
  • The 1 Year parts and labor warranty only covers the PC with original included parts in its stock configuration and does not cover parts that were not purchased through Flying Phoenix PCs. If you provide or change out a Major performance/stability affecting component including but not limited to the CPU, GPU, Motherboard or RAM standard labor rates will apply to troubleshoot and you will be responsible to pay for the replacement of faulty parts you provided. Stock configuration refers to no changes in BIOS/UEFI settings, manually overclocking, using any program that overclocks/optimizes your system in any way at a hardware level and using any program banned by specific games and seen as “cheating” software. A short list of example programs that will void your 1 Year parts and labor warranty if used include Ryzen Master, Intel Extreme Tuning Utility and MSI Afterburner.
  • Your PC will eventually run into a critical error or software glitch as a result of the complexity and variation of all the different combinations of parts and programs used in modern gaming PCs. A rare error is normal and expected. Please contact us if you have read through and attempted our quick troubleshooting tips, it is a common reoccurring issue and you have not breached any terms of our included warranty services. If you have tried all previous steps a fresh install of Windows from a bootable USB flash drive is highly recommended as a final troubleshooting step.
  • We will still offer the lifetime phone and email support if at least 75% of the build is made of the original parts but will limit our original owner lifetime support and advice for the aforementioned manual overclocking, programs that overclocks/optimizes your system in any way at a hardware level and using any program banned by specific games and seen as “cheating” software and cause an issue as a result. This will fall outside of your warranty terms and you will be charged standard labor rates for troubleshooting to resolve your issue.
  • Some games will run poorly on your PC as a result of poor game developer optimizations or rushed release of a new game. A quick google search can usually show you if its specific to you or a widely known issue with that game.
  • Live games like Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite but not exclusive to these games will get harder to run over time as they are constantly updated so it is normal to see less or changing performance in these games as time goes on.
  • If you go into BIOS/UEFI and change settings or attempt to update (excluding enabling/disabling XMP, DOCP), we are not responsible for any issues you might run into as a result. There are many settings and if accidentally changed without knowing, can cause errors with devices connected to motherboard.
  • If a warranty work order is put in and was found out to be as a result of user error, it will be considered a labor order where current labor rates and at home support fees apply if it was a house call to help with the issue. We will try to give the benefit of the doubt as much as possible but if considerable time spent is spent on a user error issue, it will result in additional fees.
  • The warranty will be void if the PC has been boxed and shipped out in any circumstance by anyone other than Flying Phoenix PCs unless given written permission through email, so it is highly recommended if you are shipping to buy insurance to cover costs for any damage caused as a result of the shipment process.

Current Labor Rates: $60 minimum for first hour and $40 an hour after the first prorated