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Lexip Mo42 Ceramic Mouse Gaming Feet

Lexip Mo42 Ceramic Mouse Gaming Feet

  • PRECISION AND COMFORT: Lexip Mo42 ceramic gaming mouse pads optimize your mouse and give you superior glide speed and better control. Increased user comfort, better precision, reduced user effort, your playing performance will be greatly increased!
  • OPTIMAL, DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE SLIDING: Much more durable than ordinary Teflon or plastic pads, ceramic allows incomparable glide thanks to its low friction. Equipped with ceramic pads, your mouse travels twice the distance and sees its comfort improved during long gaming sessions.
  • UPGRADE YOUR FAVORITE MOUSE: Give your mouse a second life with Lexip Mo42 ceramic pads. Lexip mouse pads are compatible and adjustable with optical and laser mice. Using the Mo42 does not require any action on the old skates or the mouse, but calibration may be necessary (adjustment of the LOD via your mouse software).
  • ULTRA SIMPLE SETUP: Before installing the pads, thoroughly clean the underside of the mouse using the wipes provided. Position the pads without gluing them to determine the optimal number of pads and their location. Stick the skates to your mouse using the double-sided adhesive pads provided, maintain the pressure for a few seconds and your mouse is ready for optimal efficiency!
  • CHANGE THE RULES WITH LEXIP: Lexip is a French brand of computer accessories that is revolutionizing the daily life of professional users and gamers. Lexip's mission is to provide high-end computing peripherals that far exceed the performance and interaction capabilities of existing products on the market.
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